In a global world, reaching out and expanding the horizon is the future. Soham International is on fast track growth having established as one of the most preferred business partner by a number of corporate and business associates. Come, be a part of the logistics sector which has immense growth potential for years to come.

Formalities to become a Soham International Agent

1. Minimum 250 sqft commercial property on shopping area preferably on ground floor a must.
2. The agent should have ration card / photo identify such as driving licence, passport, pan card, service tax registration, shop & establishment     certificate.
3. Soham International will survey the site where the agent wishes to be located.
4. A security deposit if Rs. 1,00,000 has to be given along with the application form to available agent favouring Soham International at Rajkot.
5. An Agreement or MOU will be made between Soham International & the person who is taking the agent.
6. They should not have any other courier service agent at the same place (International).
7. Soham International will be issuing an authorised code under which the business has be operated business.
8. Soham International will provide training to the person who is taking agent such as operation / cs / a / c.
9. Soham International will provide all stationery such as Cnotes, Board, Authorized Certificate etc.
10. In case of outstation agent they have to send all the booked shipment to Soham International rajkot hub (on their own) for connection to      their respective destination. The agent has to keep a rolling deposit of Rs. 25000/- with Soham International which will be adjusted towards      freight charges. Also, the agent had to redeposit the rolling before it gets completely exhausted so that it won't hamper the connection of      shipment to their respective destinations. The arrangement can also be on daily cash basis by transferring the freight amount in Soham’s      account whenever shipment has been sent.
11. Soham International will provide a TS rate (special discounted rate) to the collection centre. The collection centre has to pay Soham and      over and above to this they have to add up their profit margin and sale but it should not exceed Soham's actual tariff.
12. Soham may give agent shipment for delivery pertaining to their area.
13. Soham reserves the right to alter or change terms at their discretion.

If you have any query feels free to contact the undersigned who will be only too happy to assist you.


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